New Breads

At Portreath bakery we are always ready to build our unique recipe to suit your needs.

We realize the importance of bread in our everyday diet so to add fruits nuts seeds and fresh produce to the equation just makes it even more nutritional.

Sourdough. This is a bread produced using a long fermentation time when making the bread dough. The dough is made with naturally occurring yeasts and lactobacilli.The taste is unique and in comparison with breads made quickly with cultivated yeast, it has a mildly sour taste because of the lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli.

Cakes for that special occasion

After many years of training for this rewarding craft I will provide you with the perfect cake for any occasion. I have taught many students and enjoyed passing on the knowlede of this art.

At Portreath Bakery we provide a personal and professional service from your initial consultation to delivery and set-up. Our clients expect a high level of service and customer care and we are committed to excellence, ensuring that every one of our beautiful wedding or celebration cakes are created with a refined attention to detail.

I am happy to help you create a bespoke cake of distinction with a truly exquisite taste.

The Redruth Pasty Festival

Redruth is the twin town to Real del Monte in Mexico. This has come about due to the history of the pasty and the links with Cornish mining. Thousands of Cornishmen and women emigrated to Mexico and took the famous Cornish pasty with them.

In celebration of the pasty in Real del Monte there has been a pasty festival for the past seven years. I was invited to open the festival in and the experience was phenomenal. I have been shown the way forward to make our Redruth festival bigger and better year on year.

October 2012 was our first pasty festival in Redruth. Portreath bakery ran a workshop in the town this allowed you to learn to make a pasty then collect it to enjoy when baked. We were lucky to have the President and his wife Victor and Patrica Aladro with us and the team from Real del Monte made the Mexican Pasty as seen on ITV news.

After the great success of the Redruth's first pasty festival, this is now an annual event. Come and make a pasty with me and the team!



Britain's Best Bakery - ITV1
Marion competed against other bakers in the region for this prestigious award. The Shine TV made show featured the best bakeries in the UK and had them baking all manner of wonderful creations.
"Made With Marion" A New Cornish Cookery TV Show
Watch Marion on her TV show "Made with Marion" this is a Cornish food based programme called Cooking in Cornwall and can be seen fortnightly on a Monday night at 9.30pm on Sky 212, Freestat 401 and coming soon to Freeview. The proramme can also be viewed at