Food for miners

Tradition has it that the pasties contained meat and vegetables in one end and fruit in the other, in order to give the hard-working miners 'two courses’. Cornish housewives also marked their husband's initials on the left-hand side of the pastry casing, in order to avoid confusion at lunchtime.

This was particularly useful when a miner wished to save a 'corner' of his pasty until later, or if he wanted to leave a corner for one of the 'Knockers'. The Knockers were the mischievous 'little people' of the mines, who were believed by the miners to cause all manner of misfortune, unless they were placated with a small amount of food, after which they could prove to be a source of good luck.

Did you know...

...that we are the only bakery in Cornwall that makes the finest saffron Heavy cake; this is full of goodness and was taken to sea by many sailors including our Uncle Gordon Greenslade who is now in his 101st year and still living in Portreath.

Did you know...

...that when the miners took the much loved hand crimped pasty to work they used the crimp to hold the pasty and would throw this away due to the amount of arsenic that was on their hands? This would also keep down the population of the dreaded rat!!

What makes our bakery special?

We take great care with every product we manufacture. All our staff are fully trained and we work hard to maintain the cleanliness of our bakeries so that the food we serve is the very best it can be.

We are continue to develop new products and new investments in machinery and equipment means that our production facilities are right up to date with current trends and regulations.

The Portreath Pasty

Portreath’s Cornish pasty has been hand crimped in portreath bakery since 1988. We only use the finest locally sourced ingredients for our pasties. A hearty meal wrapped in a pastry casing made for a very practical lunch down in the dark and damp tunnels of the mine.

There are, fortunately, some facts that can be agreed upon by all pasty-makers. The meat should be chopped, the vegetables should always be sliced, and the ingredients must never be cooked before they are wrapped in the pastry. Each pasty must be baked completely from raw. It is this fact that makes the Cornish pasty unique amongst similar foods from around the world.

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The history of our bakery

After working in bakeries from the age of 14 and then studying bakery and confectionery at the Plymouth College of further and higher education at the age of 23 it was time to put my talents to the test.

In 1988 I decided to buy a bakery outlet in the small Cornish coastal village of Portreath. I employed only a handful of bakers, crimpers and shop assistants.

As the business became more renowned, the staff team grew. Portreath Bakery was finally on the map. People traveled far and wide for a freshly baked pasty, hand crimped before their very eyes. As time progressed we started to produce much more Cornish fare and continue to do so today. We bake a selection of breads, cakes and savories such as our famous Cornish pasties, heavy cake, scones and delicious saffron cakes to name but a few, all on the premises.

We are also specialist in celebration cakes and wedding cakes of distinction.

Over the years we have catered for Sir Harold Wilson, Tony Blair, Anne Beckwith-Smith and more famously HM the Queen and HRH The Princess Royal.

Portreath Bakery has also featured on various Television programmes alongside Hugh Scully and Two Fat Ladies It has also been personally recommended by Rory McGrath (They think its all over), Britain's Best Bakery, Great British Bake-Off and Marion's own show, Made With Marion. Rick Steins book Food heroes, Caroline Taggart's 'A Slice of Britain', 'Cornwall Hidalgo An Enduring Connection" Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Carolyn Martins book Our Daily Bread

For many years I taught at the Camborne College in the bakery department, helping to bring new bakers into the baking industry. Since the closure of this department I have now offer this facility again from our new premises in partnership with Cornwall College.

In 2015 we opened our first bakery restaurant, "The Wolrd's First Cornish Pasty Drivethrough" and now specialise in gluten free products, delivering throughout the UK.